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I want this blog to be a place to disseminate information about my investigation in Mississippi.  However, it should also serve as a place for Mississippians to share their experiences with the subject matter:  Religion in public life (and policy), sexual education (ab-only or ab-plus) teen pregnancy in and poverty in Mississippi.

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Thanks!  Andy


3 thoughts on “Tell Me

  1. debbie says:

    Dear Andy–Thank you for taking on this important issue. I lived in Mississippi for 4 years, and in that time I did a lot of shouting into the wind about how absolutely effed up it was for “leaders” to adhere to abstinence only sex education. When the Personhood issue rolled out, I thought I might lose my mind. I kept asking myself, “What the hell is wrong with this place?” Because I am not a Mississippi native, I decided the best thing for me was to move on. But I left knowing that good people were doing great things, and that the time was definitely at hand for change. The more people like you shine a light on the work done by people like Cristen Hemmins, the better it will be for everyone.

  2. akopsa says:

    Thank you Debbie – I understand you were quite involved as well. Thanks for your work…Andy

  3. Antoinette van Kriedt says:

    I moved back to Mississippi after 50 years in the SF Bay area. It is appalling how backwards, and proud of it, Mississippi is. There are people here who are working for change and I have found some of them.

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