HB 999: one curricula allowed as both “ab-only” and “ab-plus” = bad

One of the many issues with HB 999 and the implementation of it is the decision to allow curricula to qualify as both ab-only and ab-plus.  So let that sink in a moment.


Ab-only – abstinence only until marriage no exceptions using “Sexual Risk Avoidance” (aka: don’t dress provocatively ladies, travel in groups ladies, control your body girls and that the body of the boy who cannot be held accountable for his raging hormones…)

Ab-plus – abstinence best but here’s some contraceptive options to protect yourself from pregnancy and disease if you do have sex before marriage (as does a plurality of Mississippi teens)

What curricula adjustments would a program like WAIT (Why Am I Tempted?) Training have to make to transform from ab-only into ab plus?  This is from the WAIT Training teacher’s guide.

I highlighted two paragraphs of note.  Here is the most important part of those paragraphs in my estimation:

We strongly urge you not to demonstrate the use of contraceptives. Classroom demonstrations that take place across the country are frequently offensive and unnecessary to ensure effective communication of the message.  Remember, sexual harassment issues apply as much to the classroom as the workplace.  As educators, it’s essential that we be informers – not promoters – with respect to contraception…

WAIT Training is being implemented as BOTH in Mississippi.  My educated guess is that Mississippi is a proving ground for the new messaging of abstinence only (WAIT and others).  Which is that they have never been abstinence only until marriage – that they are sexual risk avoidance (SRA is what they are using officially) programs that are medically accurate (not necessarily so) and evidence based (almost none are).
Note:   The other main ab-only curricula implemented 2012 – 2013 in Mississippi is Choosing the Best.  I am still working on what magic phrasing makes that program ab-plus.



2 thoughts on “HB 999: one curricula allowed as both “ab-only” and “ab-plus” = bad

  1. Betty Daugherty says:

    What is your Ms readership???

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