Mississippi HB 151: seizing cord blood of underage mothers without permission. Yep.

Updated – this was passed and signed into law.


UPDATE:  This bill was signed into law by Governor Phil Bryant.  I attended a teen pregnancy prevention task force summit last week and this bill was championed as one of the gov’s signature piece of legislation.  Here is a link to the final language of the bill as sent to the governor.  

I don’t think I have seen anything like this yet (except of course when Mississippi tried it last year).  In the war on women this appears to be a relatively new one.  It attacks women on so many levels it is hard to wrap my head around:

1.  Further criminalizing abortion in a state that is poised to close it last abortion clinic
2.  Shames teen mothers
3.  Teen mom is damned if she does damned if she don’t – there is tissue seizure in both the case of abortion and live birth.  

The paternalistic HB…

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