Dana, head of Pro Life Mississippi, just got a new headset speaker so she could preach out front of the Women’s Clinic.  She has taken up the job after another member was allegedly arrested for speaking the “word of God”.   She finds the microphone is helpful since the clinic escorts use loud music to drown out the protesters who hound women with pamphlets, bloody photos and shouting “please don’t kill your baby”.


A happy clinic escort.  The program just started in January 2013.  Before that the protesters had free reign.  Since the clinic program, protestors have been arrested, property lines have been clearly staked out and the Jackson Police Department makes routine stops to check in.


This gentleman insisted that people on “his side” had been wrongly arrested repeatedly for preaching “the Bible” on the sidewalk.  Surely, I said, that can’t be right.  It isn’t illegal to read from a book in public?  Then, it became disturbing the peace, the person(s) arrested were arrested for disturbing the peace.  Then, I asked if it might have had (these arrests) something to do with the federal law that bars blocking clinic entrances?  He conceded it might as the person(s) arrested stood in front of the front gate, even though (he actually harrumphed a bit on this) he said, “No one ever uses that gate anyway.”


One thought on “Tuesday

  1. Ron can moan about patients using the gate or not (they do so do vendors) but the law doesn’t state it has to be a busy entrance it states an ENTRANCE and they know it!

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