Jackson Women’s Clinic


An ever present anti-choice protestor at the Jackson Women’s Health Clinic

The clinic is now officially in violation of the de facto TRAP law.  After applying to numerous hospitals for admission privileges – the result of a law passed to end abortion in Mississippi – and being denied the clinic’s status is in the hands of a judge.  An injunction against the law has kept the clinic open.  The only abortion clinic in Mississippi.

Last week, Mississippi Department of Health made an unannounced visit to the clinic to inspect the facility for compliance.  They have not announced their findings – and we aren’t sure when they will be made available.  But, since it is know – admitted by staff – that they don’t meet the unreasonable construction requirement – the Health Department would be within its rights to close the clinic down.

But, when I was in Mississippi last month, I spoke to a MS Dept. of Health spokesperson who told me they wouldn’t be taking any action against the clinic – unless the federal judge in charge of the injunction ruled.  So what does that mean?  Were they bound by the law to inspect it, but the report could say anything?  It is unclear.  What was clear in my many conversations with the Health Department is that they are not happy with the administration, that they want comprehensive sex education, and access to reproductive healthcare for all women in Mississippi.

One thing we can be sure of is that Mississippi will no longer have access to abortion.  That they will have to leave the state (with what resources?) or carry a child they do not want to carry.  They won’t be able to access inexpensive birth control to prevent pregnancy.  So, Governor Bryant’s pledge to make Mississippi an abortion free state may be a win for the administration.  That’s all that matters – not the women.  Never the women.

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One thought on “Jackson Women’s Clinic

  1. This is right in line with the “education” my 9th grade son is receiving at South Pike High School, the Abstinence Only program. There was the option for Abstinence Plus, but they decided only teaching them to just say no is the best choice. This is laughable at best, and serious denial about what these children face in real life. With all the sexual ads, movies, tv shows and music they are exposed to combined with their own inner feelings, it’s tragic not to teach them about being responsible sexually and the truth about sex. They need to know about diseases and pregnancy and how to avoid them, how to properly use birth control where to find it, not merely hear “Don’t do it”. It is unrealistic and setting them up for failure. If you look at the demographics at the school where my son goes, you’d think they’d at LEAST go with the PLUS option, which although is not sex ed, it at least offers a little more info other than “Say no.”
    It’s a real shame that a federal law that grants women the right to choose can be overrun by a redneck, uptight, morality-imposing set of lawmakers like this. How many of these unwanted unplanned children does the governor plan to personally support, feed, clothe, educate, and protect? None, I’m betting…

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