Baby Steps

This video is as I was heading to Jackson for the Mississippi Economic Policy Center convention.  The night before, I attended a panel discussion at the University of Mississippi on repro health and social justice.  There was a lot of ground covered and to my pleasure the conversation swung to sex-ed and religion in Mississippi.

I was reminded over and over again by women in Oxford that I need to remember the defeat of Personhood was a big deal – it helped unify the movement of women’s rights/repro health in Mississippi.  And HB 999, though imperfect, is a huge step forward for something approaching comprehensive sex education.  I heard – many times – “baby steps…” when it came to Mississippi’s progress on this and numerous other issues.


This is my second swipe at a video.  From the dash of my rental car.  SPOILER ALERT: I did not miss the turn off to Jackson.



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