What this is all about

The purpose of this blog is very simple:  document my investigation into religion in public policy in Mississippi.  Specifically focusing on the implementation of HB 999 requiring sexual education be taught in public schools.

Throughout this investigation, if you follow along with me, you will learn what that really means. What is “sex education” to the most religious state in the union?  Did HB 999 really accomplish anything?

But this isn’t all writing.  Nope.  I will be posting photos, short videos, links, and updates as I head to the Magnolia State, starting tomorrow.

I will be heading back to the community of Oxford to reconnect with students, parents and civic leaders I interviewed about comprehensive sexual education this summer.  I will also be attending a symposium on reproductive rights and social justice at Ole Miss (hosted by the School of Law).

I am attending an economic conference in Jackson and visiting with a few religious and community leaders there.  Rounding out this trip is an interview with the religio-political organization American Family Association‘s controversial president, Bryan Fischer in Tupelo, who has expressed concern that sexual education will introduce students to homosexuality.


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